Making it Through the Storm

It shouldn’t be so difficult to raise awareness on everyday issues. As people we struggle to realirita-ora-ice-bucket-challenge-2014-billboard-650x430ze the problems that are happening in our society. Without celebrity endorsement some of the fundraisers that we have out there wouldn’t be as successful. Things like the ALS ice bucket challenge, where everyday people do something ridiculous to raise awareness. Celebrities are participating in this event and are making it a competition to see “who has the better ice bucket challenge?” People shouldn’t have to compete or do something ridiculous to raise awareness to the problems that we have in our society. Ideally when there is an issue in our society, people should alert others of this problem and as a society we should listen to these people and help them solve the problem. In my book “Why Ruin Another Life” this dysfunctional Mississippi family suffers through three generations of rape. They sweep this tragedy under the rug, swearing to tell no one about the horrible events that took place. People need to be aware of something  traumatic like rape, because it’s an everyday problem that can be dealt with if it’s brought to attention. When a storm is raging, running and hiding is not always the smart thing to do.


Creating a Monster in Childhood

When I wrote the book I focused on the concept of how events or people shape us in life, whether positively or negatively. This would mean all our good and bad habits, our insecurities, our fears are by no mere coincidence but by design, with roots starting back as early as our childhoods.

Psychiatrists delve deep into our pasts to single out the culprit(s) of our dismay—many times blaming the mother.

A word to the wise  faulting Mama for not buying you that Betsy Wetsy doll when you were little, even though you threw a hissy fit, may not count as a factor. Ha!

On a more serious note, to sum things up:

We are what we eat, what we take in, what we experience.

Children have fragile minds that are still developing. During this crucial stage the good, the bad, and the ugly can shape their formation. For that reason we must always be very careful what we do and say around children because it can follow them for a lifetime.

In Why Ruin Another Life we later are given some insight as a possible reason for Boyd’s evil deeds. It’s a blueprint to connect the dots in seeing how this character emerged. Nevertheless, there was no justification for his heinous acts.

When we reach adulthood we must put away childish things and do whatever it takes to be responsible functioning adults. Whosoever does not take heed, may with his or her life be following the building block for creating a monster.