Making it Through the Storm

It shouldn’t be so difficult to raise awareness on everyday issues. As people we struggle to realirita-ora-ice-bucket-challenge-2014-billboard-650x430ze the problems that are happening in our society. Without celebrity endorsement some of the fundraisers that we have out there wouldn’t be as successful. Things like the ALS ice bucket challenge, where everyday people do something ridiculous to raise awareness. Celebrities are participating in this event and are making it a competition to see “who has the better ice bucket challenge?” People shouldn’t have to compete or do something ridiculous to raise awareness to the problems that we have in our society. Ideally when there is an issue in our society, people should alert others of this problem and as a society we should listen to these people and help them solve the problem. In my book “Why Ruin Another Life” this dysfunctional Mississippi family suffers through three generations of rape. They sweep this tragedy under the rug, swearing to tell no one about the horrible events that took place. People need to be aware of something  traumatic like rape, because it’s an everyday problem that can be dealt with if it’s brought to attention. When a storm is raging, running and hiding is not always the smart thing to do.


What’s Love Got to Do With It

Life is always having to say that you’re sorry. As human beings we’re prone to make mistakes, but it’s how we learn from those mistakes that makes us exceptional. Crying over spilt milk has never done anyone any good. Ideally you must mop the spill up, consider what you did wrong, take a deep breath and give it another go. This is easier said than done,  people tend to be a glutton for punishment, repeating mistakes over and over again. This seems to be true, when it comes to mistakes made in love. Emotion is a very powerful thing, sometimes we lose ourselves in the moment, which clouds our decisions and loves grip takes a holds up captive. We’ve become slaves to love, forever wrapped in its shackles. In my book “Why Ruin Another Life” the character Marva makes a mistake in love that she forever regrets, a mistake that puts others in jeopardy. Not all the time when love calls you should answer, sometimes you should just let it go to voicemail.