Trial and Error

In life there are ceNewBeginnings2-500wrtain experiences that changes your outlook on things. You spend your whole life trying to perfect things, but life is full of many imperfections and these imperfections can ware on a person’s enigma. People who grow tired of their current predicament will sometimes  go and search for a new beginning. Most every person deserve a second chance to start over and learn from their mistakes, but as the old saying goes history almost always repeats itself and people find themselves unable to make that change to a new life. It takes a strong individual to move on from their past mistakes, because it’s human nature to follow a certain routine and it’s supernatural to break that habit. In my book “Why Ruin Another Life” the main character Marva was prone to making mistakes and wasn’t good with judging certain situations. Her poor judgment causes her to lose something near and dear to her, but she is strong enough to move on and start over. It just goes to prove that when the goings get tough, the tough have to get going.



Creating a Monster in Childhood

When I wrote the book I focused on the concept of how events or people shape us in life, whether positively or negatively. This would mean all our good and bad habits, our insecurities, our fears are by no mere coincidence but by design, with roots starting back as early as our childhoods.

Psychiatrists delve deep into our pasts to single out the culprit(s) of our dismay—many times blaming the mother.

A word to the wise  faulting Mama for not buying you that Betsy Wetsy doll when you were little, even though you threw a hissy fit, may not count as a factor. Ha!

On a more serious note, to sum things up:

We are what we eat, what we take in, what we experience.

Children have fragile minds that are still developing. During this crucial stage the good, the bad, and the ugly can shape their formation. For that reason we must always be very careful what we do and say around children because it can follow them for a lifetime.

In Why Ruin Another Life we later are given some insight as a possible reason for Boyd’s evil deeds. It’s a blueprint to connect the dots in seeing how this character emerged. Nevertheless, there was no justification for his heinous acts.

When we reach adulthood we must put away childish things and do whatever it takes to be responsible functioning adults. Whosoever does not take heed, may with his or her life be following the building block for creating a monster.