Trial and Error

In life there are ceNewBeginnings2-500wrtain experiences that changes your outlook on things. You spend your whole life trying to perfect things, but life is full of many imperfections and these imperfections can ware on a person’s enigma. People who grow tired of their current predicament will sometimes  go and search for a new beginning. Most every person deserve a second chance to start over and learn from their mistakes, but as the old saying goes history almost always repeats itself and people find themselves unable to make that change to a new life. It takes a strong individual to move on from their past mistakes, because it’s human nature to follow a certain routine and it’s supernatural to break that habit. In my book “Why Ruin Another Life” the main character Marva was prone to making mistakes and wasn’t good with judging certain situations. Her poor judgment causes her to lose something near and dear to her, but she is strong enough to move on and start over. It just goes to prove that when the goings get tough, the tough have to get going.



Making it Through the Storm

It shouldn’t be so difficult to raise awareness on everyday issues. As people we struggle to realirita-ora-ice-bucket-challenge-2014-billboard-650x430ze the problems that are happening in our society. Without celebrity endorsement some of the fundraisers that we have out there wouldn’t be as successful. Things like the ALS ice bucket challenge, where everyday people do something ridiculous to raise awareness. Celebrities are participating in this event and are making it a competition to see “who has the better ice bucket challenge?” People shouldn’t have to compete or do something ridiculous to raise awareness to the problems that we have in our society. Ideally when there is an issue in our society, people should alert others of this problem and as a society we should listen to these people and help them solve the problem. In my book “Why Ruin Another Life” this dysfunctional Mississippi family suffers through three generations of rape. They sweep this tragedy under the rug, swearing to tell no one about the horrible events that took place. People need to be aware of something  traumatic like rape, because it’s an everyday problem that can be dealt with if it’s brought to attention. When a storm is raging, running and hiding is not always the smart thing to do.

Risky Business

They say that people in yo2011/366/206 Risky Playur life are seasons and everything that happens is for a reason. This is often due to the risk that we take in life. As people we try to do things to better our current situation. Whether it’s gambling away our life savings to cutting off someone in traffic to get to a destination faster. We take these risks, because we see them as necessary, even if they don’t work out. Life is a gamble, you win some and you lose some, but sometimes that bet is so severe that you will never recover from it. In my book “Why Ruin Another Life” the character Marva takes a risk in marrying a man to better her life, but this man will forever change her life. They say only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go, but in the case for Marva the risk is too costly and is one she will never forget.


The Game of Life

Who said life depressionwas easy? The pressures of  everyday existence requires thought and a lot of effort.  Maneuvering through the obstacles that  get in our way can sometimes be a real challenge, even the best of us can find it difficult to make it through. In these times of  distress a person is the most vulnerable and can collapse under the pressure,  it becomes almost impossible for them to have hope for a better tomorrow.  In these times an individual can fall prey to  severe depression, making it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In this state of mind one is unable to think clearly, and may look to suicide as the answer. In my book “Why Ruin Another Life”  the character Marva feels the burden of a situation and tries to take her own life. Fortunately she is unsuccessful at the attempt, but some people are not as lucky. As in the case of Robin Williams who succeeded in his pursuit to take his life, in both these cases they did not seek the help they needed. The moment a person considers suicide as an option is when they should seek help,  because the reality is no one can do it alone.



Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

In life things are not always as they seem, there are some people whowolf-in-sheepse intentions are not honorable who try to paint a rosy picture to distract, or hide the truth to achieve a hidden agenda. These people have an uncanny ability to sense weakness and naivety,  preying on the people that they perceive as weak and innocent. We may all start out believing a person has good intentions, but that illusion can be tainted due to a bad experience. They say “you live and you learn”, but sometimes the lesson comes too late to make a difference in a particular situation, as a result the deceived may find it hard to forgive them-self, because of their gullible nature at the time. In my book “Why Ruin Another Life” the character Marva sees an opportunity that she thinks will better her life, but later learns all opportunities are not golden ones. Over time she see’s the people that she thought were there for her are not what they pretended to be, and forever blames herself for her bad decision making. We always must be mindful that things are not what they appear to be, remember a wolf  can be disguised in sheep’s clothing.




Excerpt from Chapter Nine of Why Ruin Another Life

CHAPTER NINE Raylene is laying in her bed. Boyd walks in the room and slams the door. He stands by the door a moment before he speaks. “Who that boy?” He says, with an intense tone in his voice. Raylene hesitates and chooses her words before she answers. She can feel the grim mood looming through the air. “Just a boy from school.” Boyd walks to the foot of her bed, almost swooping down on her like a vulture ready to eat it’s prey. “Believe me, he want ta be more than a boy from school ta ya.” As Raylene nervously sits up in her bed, she replies, “No, he got a gi…” Boyd interrupts. “For that type of boy one gal ain’t enough. Ya been messing with him behind my back ain’t ya?” Raylene replies in frustration. “I’m not fooling with nobody else.” With intense suspicion, Boyd responds, “Why is he always comin’ ‘round here then?” Raylene exclaims anxiously, “Teacher tells him to come.” With a cold absence in his eyes, Boyd responds, “He been f****** ya?” “No, I don’t even like him like that. I been with nobody…But ya.” She says in intense desperation. Boyd responds shrewdly. “Oh, so ya sayin’ that if ya did like him like that, ya would have no problem f****** him?” Raylene replies in a muddled voice. “No–I –I–didn’t mean that. I’m true to ya.” Boyd rips the covers off the bed. “True to me? Girl, ya think I’m stupid? Ya have all these boys come around here and ya think that I’m stupid enough to believe that ya do nothing to lead dem on. My mama didn’t raise no fool. I know a pretty girl will get tired sooner or later with just one guy when she can have her pick.” As he walks closer to her, Raylene puts up her arms shielding her face. “I don’t be messin’ with nobody but ya.” Boyd grabs her by the arm vigorously. “Get up.” He pulls her out of bed. As he loosens his grip, he says, “Take yar panties off.” Raylene nervously pulls her panties down. He pulls her towards him and stands behind her. “Let’s see just how many boys been up in here.”