My thoughts on domestic violence

Recently domestic violence has experienced a uptick in awareness. This can be credited, unfortunately to the several domestic violence cases involving NFL players. For years this subject has existed, functioning in hushed tones and off-center occurrences.  These NFL cases, especially the one involving former Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice have thrusted the story into the headlines, dominating all media outlets from coast to coast. It is a topic that impacts all demographics— whether age, race, gender or religion.

Typically victims of domestic violence try to hide their personal terror, harboring feelings of blame and making excuses for their partners behavior. The usual domestic violence victim tries to hide their ordeal from family and friends, because often they feel as though its a admittance of personal weakness for an adult to allow someone to harm them without consequences. Additionally, many women are hesitant to contact the authorities for fear of retribution by their assailant or the long term financial impact of removing a breadwinner from the household. This leads to years and years of accepted physical abuse and emotional scarring.

I’n my book “Why Ruin Another Life” there are characters that deal with the aftermath of domestic violence. Each one changed, even somewhat damaged, by the toll that physical harm or even the threat of harm, can take on the soul. In writing this book i’ve gained a deeper understanding of the plight of domestic violence victims. I see their battles as my battle and in the future I promise to lend an ear to their suffering and if possible, lend a hand in their rescue.



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