Risky Business

They say that people in yo2011/366/206 Risky Playur life are seasons and everything that happens is for a reason. This is often due to the risk that we take in life. As people we try to do things to better our current situation. Whether it’s gambling away our life savings to cutting off someone in traffic to get to a destination faster. We take these risks, because we see them as necessary, even if they don’t work out. Life is a gamble, you win some and you lose some, but sometimes that bet is so severe that you will never recover from it. In my book “Why Ruin Another Life” the character Marva takes a risk in marrying a man to better her life, but this man will forever change her life. They say only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go, but in the case for Marva the risk is too costly and is one she will never forget.



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