The Game of Life

Who said life depressionwas easy? The pressures of  everyday existence requires thought and a lot of effort.  Maneuvering through the obstacles that  get in our way can sometimes be a real challenge, even the best of us can find it difficult to make it through. In these times of  distress a person is the most vulnerable and can collapse under the pressure,  it becomes almost impossible for them to have hope for a better tomorrow.  In these times an individual can fall prey to  severe depression, making it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In this state of mind one is unable to think clearly, and may look to suicide as the answer. In my book “Why Ruin Another Life”  the character Marva feels the burden of a situation and tries to take her own life. Fortunately she is unsuccessful at the attempt, but some people are not as lucky. As in the case of Robin Williams who succeeded in his pursuit to take his life, in both these cases they did not seek the help they needed. The moment a person considers suicide as an option is when they should seek help,  because the reality is no one can do it alone.




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