We Fall, But We Get Up

Relationships are very complicated, they don’t follow any particular rules. There’s no handbook to guide you through all the intricate patterns that a relationship carries. A song writer once wrote the lyrics “Sometimes it’s  kicks and sometimes it’s kicks in the shins,” referring to the ups and the downs of a relationship.  Hopefully the good and the bad times serve a purpose to achieve a better understanding in accomplismother daughterhing a greater bond.  The mother and daughter relationship is very complex,  depending on how a mother was raised and what she has experienced in her life will dictate how she raises her daughter. To avoid repeating the same mistakes many women have laid on a psychiatrist couch in order to figure out what exactly went wrong in their mother/daughter relationship. In my book “Why Ruin Another Life” three generations of women are the product of dysfunctional mother/daughter relationships. The character Marva pieces together the complicated puzzle of the mistakes of the  generation before and  realizes her mistakes and tries to put a stop to the dysfunction within the family. every outcome doesn’t always have to be   “Que Sera, Sera”?


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