The Greed Train

In our society we are taught to obtain as much as we can. It gets to a point where we are collecting things not out of necessity, but for luxury. Competition plays a large part in our need for materialistic things, we are sent subliminal messages everyday through the media telling us that we are nothing without that product they are trying to sell. Soon we find ourselves living beyond our means, as a result we wind up in great debt, all because we want to be better than the Joneses. We pay a huge price for this rivalry, our aggressive nature becomes more than just the survival of the fittest, it has nothing to do with the essentials, but rather than it’s greed that drives us to act in such ways. In my book “Why Ruin Another Life” the character Hattie greed is so overwhelming that it starts to intrude on other lives, affecting their well being.  She is so blinded by that greed she doesn’t realize the lives that she is jeopardizing. Eventually she winds up alienating her loved ones, perhaps Hattie never got the news “all that glitters is not gold.”


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