The Reality of a Cartoon

In the movies the damsel in distress is always saved by the hero from the treacherous villain. It sounds good in movies, but it’s not always the case in real life. Many times that villain in our lives seem indestructible and when you need that hero the most they are nowhere to be found. So maybe we need to be our own heroes and rescue ourselves  from the the perils that befall us. One doesn’t need to be some type of  “cape crusader” in order to be effective in smashing out trouble. To be in charge of your life you must be mindful that there’s always creatures lurking in the dark waiting to prey on the innocent.  If you expose those creatures you take away their power.   In my book “Why Ruin Another Life” the character Boyd is that hidden evil in other lives that needs to be exposed and weeded out. When he finally is exposed the damage may be irreversible, changing lives forever. In conclusion we  have to be the Batman’s, Superman’s and Wonder Woman’s that fight for true justice and  the American way.


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