The Game of Deception

It was once said the children shall lead the way. As parents we sometimes have to pay forward in order to smooth that way to make it as easy as possible for children to forge ahead without many obstacles in the way. Sometimes we go to extreme measures in order to shield our children from the bad experiences we had to learn from when we were younger, so much so that we sometimes hinder their ability to coup in difficult situations. The reality is that our experiences good or bad is all in the plan in their development, by sheltering a child we may be stunting their growth. In my book “Why Ruin Another Life” the character Marva makes a decision to withhold crucial information in order to protect her grandson. Not only does she have to keep up the pretense but she also gets friends and family to take a vow of deception, which leads to a disarray of chaos. The person who wrote “what a tangled web we weave when we learn to deceive” must have came to this conclusion from experience.


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