Money Money Money Money


America is built on a democracy and in a democracy free enterprise is essential to the growth of the country. The thought is that an individual is ruler of his or her own fate and through hard work one can better their lives. It may sound good in theory but sometimes the reality is not so ideal. Free enterprise tends to produce fierce competition and has everybody vying for that pie in the sky. The sad truth is that there is not always room at the top for everyone. In order for there to be “A Have” there must be a “Have Not”, somewhere in the equation. It has been said that the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. It is very difficult for a poor person to pull themselves out of their current situation, which makes you question yourself “Is a democracy so much different from a caste system?” It is almost impossible for an individual to raise their standard of life under this type of system. It has been said that America is the land of plenty; and there should be enough for everybody. But greed is the true culprit why there is such a disparaging difference. The rich’s cup runneth over while other’s live on a shoe string budgets . In my book Why Ruin Another Life the character, Hattie, is even willing to throw her own daughter and granddaughter under the bus for the love of money. Years ago there was a song entitled For The Love of Money. in the song money is referred to as lean-mean-green. Saying that money is the root of all evil, I must beg to differ; I think it maybe the whole tree.


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