Lucy and Ethel and long-lasting friendships

John Donn, a seventeenth century author, once wrote:

No man is an island.

meaning that no one is self sufficient; every human being on this earth relies on others. That being said, forming relationships are a fundamental part of our lives. That includes everything from intimate relationships to friendships.

Relationships in general are very unpredictable. There is no one rule. Sometimes there are commonalities, and other times there are contrasts, which makes for very interesting scenarios.

Friendships in particular are associations that most people rely on and hold dear to their hearts. Who can talk about this type of alliance and not think of Lucy and Ethel? Through all their hijinks and dilemmas, one could clearly see their special bond.

In my Book Why Ruin Another Life the two characters Marva and Novella have the same type of indelible rapport that Lucy and Ethel had. Both sets of women give of themselves unselfishly to leave lasting impressions. Whoever said that a dog is a man’s best friend had never met these women.


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