Justice isn’t blind

At some point in our adult lives we all have to make crucial decisions that not only affect us but can have an enormous impact on others as well. These kind of decisions should never be made in haste but thorougly thought through. Not only you but others may have to pay a price for your wrong turn, and who wants to be one of the woulda, coulda, shouldas?

Some weeks ago there was a terrible gas explosion here in NYC where I live. Many lives were lost and injuries sustained. It later was determined that there were numerous warning signs that the powers that be chose to ignore. My heart goes out to the victims as well as the decision makers. It must be a terrible feeling to know that you could have prevented such a disastrous situation.

This is something I’m sure we all can relate to.

In my book Why Ruin Another Life, Mava has to live with enormous regret due to a situation in which she chose to look the other way. That lesson proved to be very costly.

gavelIn retrospect it is clear that we must always be very careful in our decision making, especially when it has reverberations on others. This just goes to show you not all the time is justice blind.


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