From Slavery to the Presidency

Anytime a person manages to forge through great peril, he or she has reason to feel great satisfaction. Anyone who has been in a difficult situation knows that it’s hard to maintain optimism when you are in the mist of fire. That silver lining they talk about seems like a fantasy, an impossible feat. Anyone who conveys to you that rainbows are made from the rain, you feel like seriously hurting.

Moreover I feel African-Americans should be very proud of themselves. They had to overcome great obstacles to get to where they are today, coming all the way from slavery to the President of the United States.

Ponder if you will once being considered just someone’s property with absolutely no control to being head of a state and having ultmate control. I think you would agree that it’s one of those life-changing events, an accomplishment in anyone’s book. It’s like a story taken from the Bible.

If I could witness one event in history, it would be the freeing of the Slaves. Anyone who has read my book Why Ruin Another Life knows that 99% of it takes place in the South and deals with issues prevalent to today’s South. My hope is that this book will open eyes and hearts and will induce one of those life-changing moments.


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