Secrets can destroy you

I remember as a boy I dreaded friends and family of my mother and father coming over because I knew I would get that foreboding pinch on the cheek and be squeezed and told how cute I was. It wouldn’t be long before I would called into the living room and made to dance to the record Crazy Legs.

We all have family memories that when we call them up in our minds make us feel all gushy inside, but at the time they seemed like a fate worse than death. Sadly we also have some family memories that we choose to forget because they are too painful when we remember.

Psychiatrists say it’s unhealthy to shelve these memories, as they may hinder our psychological growth. They say it’s better to air them out and work through them to free yourself of the savage beast within.

In my book Why Ruin Another Life there is a character who deals with an abusive relationship. The character is one of those types who will not talk with anyone or seek help, because they feel by doing so they are protecting others in the process.

Many of us feel in order to protect ourselves and others we love, we have to lock family secrets away, never to be seen by the public. In reality we are doing ourselves a disservice because secrets you think are helping can sometime destroy you.


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