Diamonds and The Color Purple

So many people have said that Why Ruin Another Life reminds them of the movie The Color Purple.

I can see them comparing the two and see some similarities:

  • both speak to the flagrant abuse of women in the South.
  • both have a Doll House-like character that leads a Doll House-like existence; she  is very passive and has issues of abandonment.
  • both characters pretty much rely on other people to fight their battles, through eye-opening events that awaken the characters and become the impetus for them to forge their independence.

It may well be no coincidence that both chronicle these matters. Both these similarities are common when it comes to the subject of women and their ongoing struggle for justice and equality.

In fact, one who writes about women in good conscience can’t help but to broach these subjects. A writer couldn’t have a better subject to write about; it’s all been laid out. All a writer would have to do is connect the dots.

Through all trials and tribulations, women have manage to withstand and even triumph against amazing odds. It’s mind-boggling to me, but then again they say diamonds are indestructible. No matter how beat up or damaged they become, they muddle through and always shine through the rough.


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