Early traumas and their unfortunate effects

It’s no coincidence who we are in life.

In psychiatry, they delve deep into a person’s childhood for clues into adult behavioral patterns. Many people have had traumatic experiences that have shape them into the people they are today. These happenings can affect an individual’s functionality, causing them to lack emotions and cloud judgements, consequentially leading them to form bad life decisions.

Traumatic experiences can also give rise to triggers that may provoke a person to react in unconventional ways. These behaviors may be coping mechanisms in order to shield themselves from further harm and despair. Many times these experiences can be like secondhand smoke, indirectly affecting others in their paths.

In my book, Hattie appears cold and calculating. We later learn in the book some insight into her past that possibly explains why she is the way she is.

As human beings, we all struggle with things in our pasts that affect our being. No one is perfect, and because these behaviors tend to have a trickle down effect, at some point in our lives as responsible adults we all must examine who we are, not only for the sake of ourselves but for the sake of others.


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