Mistreatment in the South

The South is known for its inability to advance with the times for African Americans. In the South, progress has moved at a snail’s pace. Many African Americans born in the South have migrated to the bigger cities, where the acceptance of minorities was thought to be more liberal, but many stayed behind refusing to face the unknown.

As a result most African Americans who live in the big cities have origins in the South. Not always were the Black people who resettled in the big cities running away from the hate and bigotry of the South; sometimes they were running away from the prejudices they experienced within the family.

We often joke how southern family members can play dual roles, jesting how one man can be both father and uncle to one child. These one-liners have their roots in unjust treatment. Many times victims of injustice become the perpetrators of injustice.

Many southern families have secrets that they keep within the family circle. In  my book, Boyd has demons inside of him that he hasn’t dealt with and that he takes out on others. Readers learn later in the book of the source of these beasts within him.

Someone once said you can run away, but you can’t hide. Sometimes it is not only the place where you live but the place that lives within you that needs to be changed.


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