Excerpt from Chapter Nine of Why Ruin Another Life

CHAPTER NINE Raylene is laying in her bed. Boyd walks in the room and slams the door. He stands by the door a moment before he speaks. “Who that boy?” He says, with an intense tone in his voice. Raylene hesitates and chooses her words before she answers. She can feel the grim mood looming through the air. “Just a boy from school.” Boyd walks to the foot of her bed, almost swooping down on her like a vulture ready to eat it’s prey. “Believe me, he want ta be more than a boy from school ta ya.” As Raylene nervously sits up in her bed, she replies, “No, he got a gi…” Boyd interrupts. “For that type of boy one gal ain’t enough. Ya been messing with him behind my back ain’t ya?” Raylene replies in frustration. “I’m not fooling with nobody else.” With intense suspicion, Boyd responds, “Why is he always comin’ ‘round here then?” Raylene exclaims anxiously, “Teacher tells him to come.” With a cold absence in his eyes, Boyd responds, “He been f****** ya?” “No, I don’t even like him like that. I been with nobody…But ya.” She says in intense desperation. Boyd responds shrewdly. “Oh, so ya sayin’ that if ya did like him like that, ya would have no problem f****** him?” Raylene replies in a muddled voice. “No–I –I–didn’t mean that. I’m true to ya.” Boyd rips the covers off the bed. “True to me? Girl, ya think I’m stupid? Ya have all these boys come around here and ya think that I’m stupid enough to believe that ya do nothing to lead dem on. My mama didn’t raise no fool. I know a pretty girl will get tired sooner or later with just one guy when she can have her pick.” As he walks closer to her, Raylene puts up her arms shielding her face. “I don’t be messin’ with nobody but ya.” Boyd grabs her by the arm vigorously. “Get up.” He pulls her out of bed. As he loosens his grip, he says, “Take yar panties off.” Raylene nervously pulls her panties down. He pulls her towards him and stands behind her. “Let’s see just how many boys been up in here.”


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